The Mini Jumbo Jet and a Rubber

This is the story of the mini jumbo jet and a rubber boot.  Both items lost in the hustle and bustle of Japan.  Both are waiting for the owner to return.  They sit, it silence and see what is to become of them.

In the meantime I lugger my umbrella around all day and the only thing that fell was the temperature!  Oh well, I guess the rain will come soon enough.

Lost Mini Jumbo Jet

Ten Ten Ten [点 点 点] . . .

U Lost Blue Rainboot

2 Responses to “The Mini Jumbo Jet and a Rubber”

  1. Nickel Says:

    Man that boot looks lonely… Lol

  2. jacob Says:

    yeah, nickel…
    so lonely… wondering where it’s twin is…
    wondering will they ever be reunited……….

    one sad boot…….

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