Fuji is NOT Here and Other Urban Notes

The weather is back to being completely schizophrenic.  It can not make up it’s mind whether it is spring, summer or as it felt today, winter.  The skies went purple for a minute before the heavens opened up and poured.  Might need to pull out that extra blanket I put away a few weeks ago.

Things appeared in a new light as I made my way around.  There were unique little details.  Like the ghostly impression of Mt. Fuji that appeared on a no bicycle sign.  It was there today, but I had never seen it before, or was it just an illusion.

A perfectly placed staple, on a simple plain whitish paper.  Just there.  Just waiting in the quiet late spring rain.

Then there was the poster that was hung outside of a junior high school warning the youths to take action to prevent the spread of the flu and other viruses.  We all can see what someone really thought of this sign.

Little notes all imaged in Kasai and Shin Urayasu.

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