Purple Synergy

I went to my public health screening yesterday.  I am thankful that at least one thing the Japanese government has gotten right.  It provides access to health care to all.  However, the air was so stale inside the auditorium it gave me a blistering headache.  Once I finished the screening and stepped back into the fresh air, I felt refreshed, but the headache still persisted.

I took a slow bike ride back home, even through the headache, this purple just spoke to me.  Looking at it made me feel a bit better, I was only able to snap a quick picture, and kept on peddling.

Thinking about how we need to be apart of our surroundings.  We need to participate in our community as best we can.  Learn to live in some harmony.  Seek out the colors that make each community unique.

Violet Veins Synergy

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