Deep Burgundy in my Neighborhood

Summer is creeping in quickly over the last two days.  The air is still pleasant, but i can feel the heat to come.

The flowers are beginning to change.  Long gone are the first blooms of spring.  As we move into the rainy season the hydrangeas are starting to awaken from their slumber.  They enjoy the rain, so much.  Even mine, on my patio, has opened its first couple of blooms.

Today as I was on my way back from the supermarket, I braked in front of a neighbor’s home.  There was this tall weed-like plant that was covered in large burgundy hued flowers.  Such a sweet color, just like a good bottle of wine should be.

Out with the old, and in with the colors of summer.

sip, sip, click, click.


Stamen Star Burgundy in the Suburbs

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