Squared in Ginza, with Plants

My friend Brancolina reminded me the other day about how much she enjoyed my urban wabi sabi images.  Those are the images I created using the canvas of the urban constructed world of Japan.  How all the structures and creations that man has built can fit neatly into squares of my eye.  I loved taking these images.  I still do.  I still am surrounded by these blending of mundane urban elements.  It is not that I no longer desire to enjoy these geometrical collaborations, it is that after the March 11th disasters and the subsequent problems in Japan I needed to change my view.  I needed to chase after a new image.

This is when I became interested in photographing the natural world.  Those flowers that began to bloom soon after the quake were signaling my spirit the rebirth of Japan, and in essence the rebirth of my own character.  I remarked to Brancolina and others that if you had asked me a year ago would I be taking images of flowers and fruit I would have thought you to be mad.  I never considered it.  Do not get me wrong.  I love nature.  I enjoy going out and being in the Creators world, but I never thought about trying to express nature though my photography.  That now has changed.

Even now as the days get shorted everyday.  I still am amazed that there are flowers still in bloom.  These late bloomers are there catching those long autumn rays and giving an explosion of color before the cold Siberian air arrives.

So, I livicate these to images to my fellow photographer Brancolina (and her blog) and her respect for my photography.  I look forward to sharing more challenges and discoveries through the lens.

Finally Shuttered in Ginza

Trendy Tree in Ginza

2 Responses to “Squared in Ginza, with Plants”

  1. brancolina Says:

    it’s interesting how you explain that sudden need to capture the nature. With that in mind, those flower sessions are actually your ‘renaissance sessions’, the celebration of the living beauty in the place that was affected by the natural disaster.

    I have nothing against flowers, but I like more your urban ‘visual haiku’, because of complexity of details and wonderful visual rhythm that you know how to masterfully capture. I’m looking forward to see more of these;)

  2. Jacob Says:

    thank you brancolina.
    for me the flowers have been and continue to be
    therapy. they are how i have been able to deal with
    the troubles of my life. especially when one of the troubles
    has been an earth that is in constant motion.

    and i must thank you for nudging me and inspiring
    me to see the beauty in my concrete and wooden


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