Autumn Wallflowers

An interesting phenomenon has been happening this autumn.  Flowering plants have bloomed multiple times and some plants have even been tricked into blooming early.  There have been some cases reported in Japan of cherry blossom trees blooming in October.  This is pretty insane.  Anyone who thinks that there isn’t any climate change should take a peep at the cherry blossoms that traditionally bloom in late March or early April, are now blooming in October.

I have even noticed it on my own little patio garden.  My pomegranate tree has sprouted blossoms three times this year.  The most recent blossoms appeared about two weeks ago.  Even with some golfball sized fruit on its branches the pomegranate tree has been coerced into blooming again.

Also, as I was making my way back to the station on Friday afternoon, I noticed that along the tracks the false dandelion,  have bloomed again.  We are living in some strange times.  However, I am happy to see the lovelies in my wanders.  They are a constant reminder of the fragile state of our ecosystem.  The flowers also help to through some color on some otherwise drab concrete surroundings.

18-5 Wallflower

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  1. Richard Says:

    Nice photograph, Jacob. We have a balcony full of flowers now and the central court in our apartment building is a riot of colour for the second time this year. On the down side, many people I know are again suffering from hay-fever. I also noticed tree pollen sticky drops all over my bike last time I parked under trees downtown. Usually, you only get that in the Spring.

  2. Jacob Says:

    thanks richard!

    it is kind of crazy with all the reblooming going on
    in Japan. makes for some beautiful autumn pictures,
    but im still waiting on the changing leaves. I might have
    to leave the tokyo area to check them out!


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