Lucid Communication with Ricoh’s GRIV Digital Camera

I picked up, on the second day of release, the most recent version of Ricoh’s GR Digital camera. It is the GRIV. I have been using my trusty GRII for over three years. My Ricoh camera goes everywhere I do. If I do ever leave it home I feel naked and vulnerable without it. I have been waiting for the release of this camera for some time.

The wife and I made our way over to Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara to make the purchase. I knew exactly what I wanted so I wasn’t overwhelmed by the massiveness of the store. If there is anyone out there that thinks any electronic store in the US can compare, you are sadly mistaken. I asked for s instruction booklet in English, and the staff checked on it for me. There even was a representative from Ricoh there and he said that the company hasn’t even made one yet. I guess I’ll just have to learn what’s going on by trial and error.

On Sunday I hopped on my bike to try out the camera in my own neighborhood. The day was rather warm again. It was another schizo day where I was able to slip on a tshirt and shorts as I made my way around my neighborhood.

So far I’m rather impressed with the results. It captures colors brilliantly and I know that it will become my new trusted companion. There is no overall theme to today’s images. They are just me playing around with my new child. As usual there will be more to come.
Aloe in the Hood

Mihama Bridge, Edogawa-ku Side

Moze Tag, Under the Mihama Bridge

Resting Fence Blossom

2 Responses to “Lucid Communication with Ricoh’s GRIV Digital Camera”

  1. philipp Says:

    looks very promising!i pre ordered the white one for my wife and a black one for myself which hopefully arrive soon in australia!

  2. Jacob Says:


    ive been using the GRII for more than 3 years and happy
    with it beyond belief. been waiting for the GR4 to come out
    for a while, and so far, very happy. even messed with the video
    function today.

    im sure you and your wife will be very happy with the,.

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