Shadow Self in the Neighborhood

The sun was out.  There air is as crisp as it get in a Tokyo winter, and I went out for a pedal powered stroll.  The neighborhood has seemed so quiet since the new year, and before the schools start up again.  I stopped on a bridge to just look over the place that I call home.

I think of myself as a shadow that just blends into the surroundings, even though in reality, I stick out like the 6ft gaijin I am.  Which is the true version?  I am not sure.  I just wanted to pause and look over the streets where I step in Minami Kasai, in Edogawa ward of Tokyo, Japan.

Shadow Self Overlooking Minami Kasai Tokyo, My Neighborhood

2 Responses to “Shadow Self in the Neighborhood”

  1. samm Says:

    Good ol’ Minami Kasai!

  2. Jacob Says:

    it might not be the hood but it is my hood

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