Orange Beauty in the Neighborhood

Branching Citrus Wall

They say that some snow is on the way.  And by they, I mean those that profess the ability to predict the weather.  I don’t put any faith in what they say, but dang it surely is gray and cold now.

I had a few errands to do so I headed out into my neighborhood to hit the bank, and pick up some ingredients for dinner.  I stopped by Kawachiya, which was the first discount liquor store to open, to pick up some imported goods.  I amazingly got a 500 gram  box of cereal for 198 yen ($2.60).  All the way from the country of Lithuania.  I just never know what goodies I am going to find there.

Had a great simple curry lunch, before heading over to the OK Supermarket to get the fresh veggies.

The oranges on the tree were full of life even though the weather was dipping and dipping.  It still amazes me how they survive and thrive in the winter time.  Even in my little corner of Minami Kasai, next to Tokyo Bay.


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