Snow has Come to Tokyo

Lucid Communicating with Snow Two

Snow has finally come to Tokyo.  The rest of Japan has been hit with record amounts of snow this year.  So metropolitan Tokyo ha caught up to the rest of the country.

I took a a short walk at about 10pm just to see what old Minami Kasai was looking like with a fresh dusting of snow.  Being from Miami, it always seems like magic to see white powder falling from the sky.  And again being from Miami, it is NOT that powder, but the one you can make snowballs out of.

The crazy thing is about this snow is that there has been thunder and lighting.  I have never seen that before.  But maybe my people in the midwest can help me out here.

I am looking forward to taking a stroll in the early morning to see what there is to be seen.  And to get the once or twice a year I get to put on my snow boots.

Goodnight from the white night.

Lucid Communicating with Snow Two

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