The Suburban Mini Garden

Wild Suburban Aloe, with Bicycle

The garden is alive and well in Japan.  They might not be the perfectly manicured gardens that surround the Emperor’s Palace in the center of Tokyo, but they are no less beautiful.  They also adhere to the principals of wabi-sabi, and the Japanese aesthetic.

This aloe jungle was directly to the right of the guard kitty from yesterday.  This wild bunch of aloe had taken over the side of the house.  Even more unusual was that the aloe plants were in full bloom.  I love the aloe blossoms.  They are unusual and from what I understand they do not bloom very often.

The gardens are often cramped.  Wedge into spaces that would have been abandoned elsewhere.  The Japanese have a knack for using all available space.  There never really seems to be any wasted space.

Keep your eyes open, and you’ll see gardens in the most unusual of places.

Trio pon Shelf Garden

2 Responses to “The Suburban Mini Garden”

  1. Valerie Kamikubo Says:

    I’ve had that type of aloe for at least five years now and I’ve yet to see it bloom. Maybe this year will be the year 🙂 Nice photos as always, Jacob!

  2. Jacob Says:

    thanks Val!

    many aloe plants seem to be blooming now.
    must be something in the air.

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