Gazing Out Over Tokyo

Watching Tokyo Skytree Grow, (東京スカイツリー)

Tokyo seems endless to me.  I can hop on the train and ride from one end of town to the other with out every seeing a break in the concrete landscape.  It just never seems to end.  The only time I can every view a break in the constructions is when I come to the river’s edge.

There is finally a break in the land.  A momentary pause before the maddening pace of construction continues on the other side of the river.  There are many rivers in Tokyo.  There are many bridges that traverse these water highways.  They were the lifeline of the city before the modern age.

But I transgress.

As I reached the Sumidagawa River and gave up at the recently complete Tokyo Skytree, I was amazed to be in the city.  The bustle of the nearby Sensoji Temple seemed miles away, as only a few humans made their way down to the riverside.  Up into the tree of iron and steel.  A tower into the sky.  A tower that pops up from just about anywhere you stand in Tokyo.

Standing on the bridge looking out over Tokyo. There was the past that is.  There is the future that is to be, but now, a pause, a moment of quiet to be in Today.

The image with the pigeon is levicated to Catfords32 and JJC, my pigeon photographing family.

The bridge is levicated to my wife, whose earth day was yesterday.

Brdige over Today, Sumidagawa River, Asakusa

2 Responses to “Gazing Out Over Tokyo”

  1. akiko Says:

    Thank you for levicating!

    I like to know how you feel and enjoy the life in Tokyo. It’s inspiring.

  2. Jacob Says:

    you are very welcome akiko.

    i love your bird images, especially the double
    exposure ones.

    i am happy that you enjoy my view of life in Tokyo.

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