Blazing Hot at Imperial Palace East Garden

Guard House Ote Gate, Imperial Palace, Tokyo

Its the height of summer time in Japan, so what do I do?  I pick up my camera and hit the blazing hot streets.  There is something about walking around Tokyo when the temperature hits 35 C  (95 F).  I like to feel the suns burn as I wander the streets, parks and gardens of Tokyo.  It makes me feel alive to sweat in the sunshine.

I was making my way back from Iidabashi station following the street to see where it takes me.  I had rounded the corner of a newspaper companies office building when a curving bridge over the moat to the Imperial Palace caught my eye.  I saw a policeman there so I initially thought that I wouldn’t be able to enter.  I spied some reddened tourists coming out, so I said I might as well give it a shot.

It is called Kokyo Higashi Gyoen (Imperial Palace East Garden).  I had to collect a free plastic ticket at the gate, that had to be returned on exiting the park.  The emperor does live in the Imperial Palace so they need to know that all that entered have left the park.

This is one of the tourists spots I didn’t even know existed.  I had wandered around another section of the Palace before, but this was the first time to wander around these gardens.

The sun was beaming down on the gravel and paved roads that weaved between the gigantic retaining walls of the Imperial Palace.  I quickly became lost in the scale.  The walls were so massive.  The corners jutting into the blue skies.  I felt so far removed from the hustle of Tokyo that borders all sides of the gardens.

Sweat rolled down my forehead as I made my way through the park.  Pausing many times to photograph the walk.  Perfectly manicured lawns contrasted with the hewn stones of the walls.  All in harmony making for a wonderful stroll in the summer light.

Tokyo never stops surprising me.  I am still finding treasures after being here for more than 10 years.  This will be a place to go back to and see in another season.

Tree, Garden Hose, Meadow, Imperial Palace, Tokyo


Fern in the Retaining Wall, Imperial Palace, Tokyo


Retaining Wall, Guard House Ote Gate, Otemachi, Imperial Palace, Tokyo


Shadow Wall, Imperial Palace, Tokyo


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