Feeling Like a Square in Ebisu

Window Oleander Ebisu, Tokyo

I went out to the center of Tokyo for a house warming party for two of my close friends.  I don’t get out to trendy Ebisu very often even though it is home to the Tokyo Museum of Photography in Ebisu Garden Place.  Actually, the last time I had been in Ebisu was to meet up with a mate at his office located on the edge of Ebisu and Shibuya.

Among the high class restaurants and private homes, I came across a few square gems.  Homes that must have been in the neighborhood long enough to see the urbanization creep around every narrow street.  Homes with unruly gardens that spoke to me as as out of place as myself.

The ivy creeps up the window sills, flowers bloom in spaces that would have been forgotten in the west.  I love the way that no space is left unused in Japan.

So, it is just me, feeling a bit square in Ebisu.  That is all.

Ebisu Crooked Smile Wild


21-3 The Wilds of Ebisu, Tokyo

4 Responses to “Feeling Like a Square in Ebisu”

  1. akiko Says:

    If I just look at the photos, I would not imagine they were taken in Ebisu.
    You’ve got great eyes to find these!

  2. Jacob Says:

    thanks akiko.
    that was the point.
    of me feeling square, in a hip place
    like ebisu.

  3. brancolina Says:

    I love to observe details on your photos, great finds!

  4. Jacob Says:

    thanks brancolina!

    life is made up of all these little details…

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