COLORS Notebook Project: The Whole Notebook

COLORS Notebook, Cover

Back in 2007 I submitted a COLORS Notebook to FABRICA’s international Notebook Project.  I have wanted to share the complete notebook, but I haven’t found a platform until the other day when I came across  They made it easy for me to share my COLORS Notebook with the world.

click the link below to view the the Lucid Communication Notebook

Jacob Schere’s COLORS NoteBoook

I am so thankful for the people over at FABRICA and across the world who participated in the COLORS NOTEBOOK project.  I like others got their blank template in my post box, and thought about what to put in this notebook of anything I wanted to be, and then sent it off.


A good few months later, I find out that it had been selected to be shown in some of the FARBICA exhibitions of the Notebook Project.  Including Shanghai, Tokyo, Europe. Later I was contacted by Carlos, over at Fabrica that they were using my images from the magazine in a collection of the book FACES.  I was one of the many artist to be selected in the publication.


A special shout out to to Carlos and Isotta at Fabrica for opening a beautiful relationship.  For my brother Frederic in Paris for helping get the French right.  And my brother Brimstone127 for providing one of the inspirational portraits and pieces in the my colors notebook.  A beautiful blog that was created with notebookers from all over the By the Rest of the WORLD.

the can be ordered here Colors Notebook Faces



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