Kyo Edogawa Riverside Gardens in Kasai

One Red One in Kasai

Been on the computer too much the past couple of days catching up on some archiving I have been meaning to do for a long time.  The time was ripe to get out in my neighborhood today.

It was suppose to be a blistering hot day, but my 3 in the afternoon it had cooled off a bit and it was time to hop on  my bicycle and see what I can find in my neighborhood.   I live on the southern edge of Tokyo right between two branches of the Edogawa River.

My years ago most of my neighbors would have made their living harvesting seaweed, catching fish, and digging for clams.  There are still little reminders of the nautical past.  Many of the old fishermen now make a living running yukatabune (party boats).  Taking parties out into the bay for an evening of eating, drinking and catching the skyline from the water.

There are plenty of little gardens in my neighborhood.  It never ceases to amaze me how little space is needed, or how tiny a garden may be.  They are all gorgeous in their own way.  Down by the riverside, down the narrow alley ways that have been home for decades.

All in all a good day out in the Kasai.

Corner Roof Top Garden


Steping Up Aloe

2 Responses to “Kyo Edogawa Riverside Gardens in Kasai”

  1. akiko Says:

    I realized the beauty of these small gardens in Japan after starting to see your photos in Flickr.

    And I really understand that just a small red flower can cheer you up.

  2. Jacob Says:

    thank you so much akiko
    yes, they are everywhere. the japanese
    still hold a connection with their agrarian
    past even in the midst of the big city.

    i have never seen anything that can compare in the
    streets of NYC. but on the streets of tokyo, they
    are everywhere you look.

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