Autumn Street Side Poetry

Autumn Poetry

Those changing leaves have finally arrived here in Tokyo just as the snow has finally fallen in the northern Hokaido.  It is the first time in over 100 years that the snow has fallen so late in Japan’s northern most island.

However here in Ichikawa, things are progressing more or less as they should be.  The temperature has taken a plunge over the last day and I am forced to don more and more layers to keep my thinly raised Miami blood warm.

Each step as I walked back to Ichikawa station in the afternoon light, each step seemed to bounce.  The light was warming me up and lit my way through the narrow neighborhood streets.  One neighborhood association posts poetry along the old main road.  I really have no idea what the poetry says but today it spoke to me as the autumn hued vine crept in to frame.

It is the time, the only time, for some autumn poetry.


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