Getting those Ital Vitals at Treelion

Backyard at Treeliion with Yellow Hose


Just over the Miami-Dade County border lies a little piece of the caribbean that warmed my soul.  This little place serves up the freshest ital and Jamaican vegetarian dishes.  I hadn’t eaten that well in years.  We had the lunch special that included, rice and peas, some brown stew, a piece of boiled green banana and potato.  We each also had a fresh chopped coconut water, that the friendly young dread split for us so we could get at the coconut jelly.

The setting was even fresher at Treelion.  I felt right at home.  Looking out the back door it as if I had stepped back into the caribbean. It was cozy and the food was amazing.

Check them out in Hallandale.  Treelion !!!


Treelion's Homey Caribbean Interior



Self Portrait at Treelion

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