Homestead Forever

Homestead Forever


Homestead was always my escape.  It was where I would go to escape the hectic streets of Miami.  I would jump in my toaster on wheels and head south through the Redlands and into Homestead.  My camera a Nikon FG usually rode shotgun on these little adventures.

I could unwind on those backroads where the acres outnumbered the homes by a factor of 10.  In those wide open spaces I would park my car on the side of the road, look through the viewfinder and wait for the click.

When Hurricane Andrew hit in 1992 it erased most of Homestead from the map.  The streets and corners I used to know as a teenager no longer existed.  Most of the greening has come back, but those tree, corners, I knew by heart are no longer there.

The land of Homestead will stretch forever.


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