2 Years On, We Pray and Remember Japan’s Disasters

Hands of Time, Benten, Urayasu, March 2011


Two years ago to the day Japan suffered its worst disaster since World War II.  Lives were changed forever on that day when the earth shook, the ocean reared, and man’s quest for power was out of control.  I was not in Japan at the time of the Tohoku triple disaster, but living though the aftershocks and the recovery changed the way in which I have chosen to interact with the world.

The earth never is truly settled.  The surface where humans have made their home is alive.  The plates shift and everything that we had could be lost in an instant.

I want to remember those that lost everything, those that perished, and those that scarred people’s memory.

On this the 2nd year anniversary I ask all those that can to pause and reflect on their lives.  Tell those around you how special they are.  Let them know from your soul that you love them.  On March 11, 2013, remember those that are no longer here, and those whose lives changed forever on that terrible day.





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