I’m a Soldier Video, Slave Revolts, Holocaust Escaping and Angel Over the City

Tawk Love, in Character from I'm a Soldier Video Shoot

Tawk Love in character, by Jacob Schere



What does a slave revolt leader, a slave teaching other slaves to read, and a Jew on the run for teaching others how to make Molotov cocktails all have in common?  On first observation it would seem like there is no connection, but this is not the case. Check the rhymes and the beats for a further exploration.

Under the creative visual direction of Tawk Love I witnessed two of the video shoots for the slamming new I’m a Soldier video featuring Tawk Love, Mecca, Kimani aka Dirty Sandwich and Brimstone127.  I joyfully glad to be able to lend a hand on the set as we wandered through thick mangroves filming the Brimstone127 segment.   I watched Tawk Love as he was transformed into a warrior angel who stood guard watching over the city.

The music is smooth.  The message is rough served with a heaping helping of truth.  Check the video.  Watch it again and meditate on the lyrical content.

We are ALL soldiers.  We just have to decide which side we are soldiering for.



Brimstone127, in Character from I'm a Soldier Video Shoot


Brimstone127 in character, by Jacob Schere

Kimani in Character

Mecca in character, photo by Tawk Love


Kimani in Character

Kimani in character, photo by Tawk Love


Video Directed and edited by Tawk Love


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