Trek 6, Solo Show, Reunions, and True Hip Hop Kulture

Trek 6 and His Painting of Gandhi

The artist Trek 6, with his painting of Gandhi


I was so joyous that I was able to catch my good mate’s solo show Through the Looking Glass.  The paintings were all painted with only spray paint.  All of the portraits were of historical and cultural significance like that of Gandhi, DMC (from Run DMC), Andy Warhol, along with many other.  Each detailed painting measured about 4 foot squared.

I was so captured by looking at the way Trek 6 layers the paint to sculpt the images.  I found myself staring into the paintings looking at the tiniest of details.  I mentally dived into the one Trek 6 painted of Sammy Davis Jr.  The way in which he two dimensionally carved the sideburns fascinated me.  I stood there in front of the painting just in amazement at Trek 6’s skill with a spray can

The party was a blast too.  Old skool hip hop music was spun that the crowd just vibed to.  Tracks by KRS ONE, A Tribe Called Quest, and of course RUN DMC.  The art patrons wandered through the gallery space and out onto a back patio where Trek 6 had also painted a huge mural as homage to the eternal B-boy including an throwback hat decked out with 6s for a pattern.

There was also a reunion of the three original Plan Be members.  Actually, they first were called The 3 Wise Men.  The members were Trek 6, Sweetpea, and Brimstone127 (who at the time went just by Brim).  It was great to see all three together at one time.

I got to give a big shout out to Trek’s wife Lizzie who not only helped out to put on a lovely show, but also opened her home to me so that I could print out my photographs for the PATH fundraiser last Saturday.

There is some is some amazing art being created in Miami now.  It has come a long way since I grew up in Miami that had about as much of an art scene as Topeka, Kansas.


Check out Trek’s Facebook page.

Origninal Plan Be, (3 Wize Men), Trek 6, Sweetpea, & Brimstone127

Trek 6, Sweetpea, and Brimstone127 (original Plan Be line up)
DMC Jacob and Trek 6

Self portrait in front of Trek 6’s painting of DMC
B-Boy Mural with STV Zipper by Trek 6


Detail of the B-boy mural on the patio

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