Miami River Home Love

Miami River Home Love


Miami will always be the land of my physical birth.  It is the land where I played on the citrus trees in my backyard, drank warm water from the garden hose, and learned to drive on the backroads all the way down to Homestead.  I couldn’t wait to go away to university to get as far away from Miami as I could.  I felt like Miami was a cultural dead end.

That has all changed.  I really only knew Miami from the point of view of a few selective neighborhoods I would wander around, and the horror of the nightly news.  Now I just adore the light.  The sun hid behind the clouds until it bursted out around 6 p.m. today.  The light was so intense that I had to wear shades, but I don’t mind it now.  The light was just gorgeous.

I sat with my family along the Miami River at Garcia’s eating some freshly caught fish chatting with my parents and looking out over the city as the sun inched towards the horizon.  I thought about how much the city has changed since I was a youth.  Buildings have come and gone.  Trees have been blown away by hurricane force winds.  The language heard in the streets has added Haitian Creole.  One thing has remained constant over all this time the amazing beauty of light that the Most High has blessed Miami with.  The light is there beating down on my skin and tinting all I see since before I even knew about the qualities of light.

Thank you Miami for keeping somethings the same.


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