Oleta River, Trails, Stench, and Canopy Trees

Double Love Intercoastal Way Love


While most of the spring breakers descended on Miami’s South Beach to burn themselves to a crisp, drink themselves into oblivion, and dress up for hunting the opposite sex, we choose to visit a park that I had only once have a memory of.

That park is Oleta State Park.  It is Oleta State Park just of the NE 163 Street right before you go over the bridge to get to North Miami Beach.  This park was fist settled by indians as a fishing village.  The urbanites head out here and rumble over the mountain bike paths.

We didn’t jump on bikes, we just wandered around the trails.  My father even found a kite which we played with for a little while.

I am back in Tokyo, and now is the time to sort through all my images and let them tell their story.  This is the first one
Oleta River Sky Land

Double Love Intercoastal Way Love

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