Lovers Cool Off Under the Overpass in Seoul’s Cheonggye Plaza

Under The Overpass, By the Concrete Riverside Lovers Meet, Cheonggye Plaza (청계광장) Seoul


Over 500 pictures taken in the land of Korea, why is it that I have chosen to post and write about this one first?  That is truly an intriguing question.

Perhaps it is because this image is unlike everything else I had taken in Seoul.  I focused so much on the urban landscape.  I wanted to come to an understanding of how the location of where the Korean people live.  I wanted to see their homes, gardens, and gates.

This image of two lovers is not about where people live, it is about where they escape.  The two lovers in the image had kicked their shoes off and catching a bit of private time on a hot and steamy Sunday afternoon.  My friend had pretty much insisted that I visit Seoul’s Cheonggye Plaza, even though on paper it really didn’t grab my interest.

I was wrong.  It was a beautiful cooling off spot that runs though the heart of Seoul.  Children played in the shallow stream.  Old men poured each other cups of makori rice beer.  It was a place to melt away and just relax.

I was stealing away there too.  A chance to duck under one of the many overpasses, and let the cool breeze  wick around my sun baked skin.

Catching a glimpse of two lover, surrounded by many, but alone with each other.

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