Tokyo Skytree of Babel’s View

Arakawa River from Skytree


Finally decided it was time to venture to the top of Tokyo’s latest Babel attraction, Skytree.  It has two observation decks.  One is at 350 meters and the other at 450 meters.

All I could think about was how the sprawl seemed endless.  Only stopping when it hit Tokyo Bay, or the mountains.  In 360 degrees there was concrete lego blocks as if them had been dropped and stacked by the jolly green giant himself.

Then there was the sky.  The sky was boundless.  There weren’t any boundaries until the stratosphere melds into space.  The sky dwarfed all that man has built below.

I don’t know if we should build so high.  The view was amazing, and seeing my tiny part of Tokyo as only a little bump near the bay helps to put things back into their proper view.

We don’t have enough time on this planet to let our precious time waste on hate and pain.  Focus on the good.  See the light that we have been provided with.  Look at each other with warmth in our hearts.  Don’t let fear shape our hearts into hate.

All of this from atop the new Tower of Babel, Skytree.

Living in Skytree's Shadow, Tokyo

Before the Horizon there is Kasai, Tokyo, Where I Dwell

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